A story of extraordinary customer service for 95 years

A Story of extraordinary customer service for 95 years

Dean Slatter

The founder :

Cascade Columbia was founded by visionary businessman Dean Slatter in 1926. The driving force of the company was to help build America post World War I.

Building the Nation

During World War II, Cascade became one of the major chemical suppliers to Boeing Aircraft Company. We are proud that during the turbulent times of the war, Cascade was helping the nation to its maximum capacity.

Original Ledger

Seattle Chapter

Cascade Columbia started with the name Cascade Chemical. Cascade began its service as a stocking agent for Allied Chemical by supplying mineral acids primarily to the metal finishing industry and battery manufacturers. In 1991 the company changed the name to Cascade Columbia Distribution Company.
For many years Cascade thrived from a small industrial site in Seattle's Interbay neighborhood. In 2004 Cascade relocated to 6900 Fox Ave. S., a location south of downtown Seattle.

Code Family

Bill Code, who was employed originally in 1957 in a sales/operations role, purchased the company in 1972 from Dean Slatter, a family friend. In 1998 the business was purchased by Bill's sons Bob and Jim Code who have expanded the company to serve the entire Pacific North West and beyond.

Portland Chapter

In Aug 1989 the first employee in Oregon was hired to begin plans for establishing a base of operation. A year later, in 1990 Cascade purchased 19 acres of industrial land in Sherwood, Oregon and applied for approval to build a facility with the City of Sherwood in and the Sherwood facility was completed 1995. Following this, Northstar and Cascade reach an agreement to jointly operate out of Sherwood. Northstar completed the tank farm and brought in the rail spur. Cascade grew strong in markets like compounders, metal finishing/circuit boards, HF, water treatment, food and agriculture.


Today, Cascade is the only locally owned, full-line stocking distributor, with locations in Seattle and Portland as well as a stocking location in Spokane, Washington.
Cascade, its employees, and the Code family are proud to be focused on providing value products and service to the Northwest and remain focused on helping our customers successfully compete and grow their businesses.
We have one simple mission- to provide customers a responsible knowledge, and professional source to meet their business requirements.